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Isuzu FYX350-350 10x4

Isuzu FY Series Isuzu FY Series

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  • Model: FYX350-350 10x4
    Type: 6 cylinder 24 valve SOHC
    Displacement: 9,839 cc
    Compression Ratio: 17.5:1
    Bore x Stroke: 120 x 145 mm
    Max power (DIN-NET): 257 kW (345 HP) @ 2,000 RPM
    (JIS Gross): 265 kW (355 HP) @ 2,000 RPM
    1,472 Nm (1,086 lb.ft) @ 1,400 RPM
    Max torque (DIN-NET): 1,422 Nm (1,049 lb.ft) @ 1,400 RPM
    Induction system: Electronically controlled variable nozzle turbocharger
    with air-to-air intercooler.
    Fuel injection: Direct injection high pressure common rail system.
    Emission control system: Cooled EGR with exhaust Diesel Oxidation
    Catalyst (DOC). ADR 80/03 (Euro V) compliant.
  • Model: ALLISON 4430 series
    Type: 6 speed automatic. 5th generation electronic controls with adaptive shift. Allison long life TranSynd synthetic fluid. LHS and top PTO openings on transmission bellhousing. Engine driven PTO drive gear.
    Gear ratios (:1): 1st 4.70
    2nd 2.21
    3rd 1.53
    4th 1.00
    5th 0.76
    6th 0.67
    RV 5.55
  • Model: MERITOR 2x FG941
    Type: reverse Elliot I-beams.
    Capacity: 6,600 kg
  • Model: Meritor RT-40-145GP
    Capacity: 18,100 kg
    Type: Driver controlled inter-axle lock and cross locks on both axles.
    Drive ratio: 4.88:1
    Tag Axle model: Hendrickson D22 trailer axle. 10,200 kg capacity. 71.5” track width, 5/8” wall thickness, tapered spindle with iron hubs and adjustable bearings.
  • Type: Single stage alloy steel taper-leaf springs.
    Double acting hydraulic shock absorbers fitted to both axles. Stabiliser bar fitted to 1st front axle.
    Load sharing front suspension equalisers with shock absorbers.
  • Model: Hendrickson HAS461 airbag
    Capacity: 20,865 kg
    Type: Outboard mounted double acting shock absorbers.
    Tag Axle: Hendrickson HLM-2 series airbag, 10,000 kg capacity at ground. Automatic raise and lower system.
    Inboard mounted single acting shock absorbers.
  • Type: Meritor ‘Q-Plus’ dual circuit full air ‘S-cam’ front and rear drum brakes with auto slack adjusters. ABS.
    Front drum size: 419 x 152 mm
    Rear drum size: 419 x 178 mm
    Spring park brake acting on all rear wheels.
    Air controlled exhaust brake.
    Air dryer.
  • Type: Power assisted recirculating ball steering.
    Turns lock to lock: 3.8
    Overall gear ratio: 1st axle: 18.8:1, 2nd axle: 22.9:1
    Maximum angle: -1st axle: 40.0° (inside wheel) / 32.2° (outside wheel)
    -2nd axle: 34.0° (inside wheel) / 28.6° (outside wheel)
  • Type: 22.5 x 8.25 ten stud ISO standard polished Alcoa aluminium wheels.
    Model: Steer axle: 295/80R22.5 152/148M Michelin XZE2 Tubeless
    Drive axles: 11R22.5 148/145L Michelin X Multi D Tubeless
    Tag axle: 11R22.5 148/145L Michelin XZE2 Tubeless
    Maximum tyre rating: -Steer axle: 14,200kg
    -Tandem drive axle set: 23,200kg
    -Tandem drive + tag axle set: 34,800kg
    Spare wheel rim: Supplied
  • Type: Frame mounted 400L steel fuel tank. Lockable fuel cap.
  • Type: Cold rivetted ladder frame. HT54OA high tensile weldable steel sidemembers.
    Frame dimensions: -Side rail (mm): 285 x 85 x 7.0
    -Rear frame width (mm): 850
  • Type: 24 volt electrical system
    Alternator: 90 amp
    Starter Motor: 24 volt, 5.0kW starter motor
    Batteries: 2 x 115E41L (651 CCA) batteries connected in series
    All steel construction with electro-hydraulic cab tilt. High tensile steel used for cab underframe.
    Complies with ECE-R29 cab strength standard.
    Full floating cab with coil spring suspension and hydraulic shock absorbers.
    Heavy duty non slip entry steps.
    90° opening internally reinforced front doors.
    Water spray suppression guards and front mudflaps.
    Laminated windscreen with shade band.
    Two speed windscreen wipers, with intermittent wipe mode.
    Halogen multi-reflector headlamps incorporating turn signals and front foglamps. Additional door mounted side indicator lamps.
    Combination brake, turn, reverse and marker lamps, registration plate illumination lamps. Extended wiring harness. Reverse alarm.
    Roof-mounted clearance lamps.
    Heated and powered exterior main mirrors with flat glass and additional powered convex “spot” mirrors.
    Chrome grille.
    Body coloured steel air dam bumper.
    FUPD underun bar - complies with ECE-R93.
    Isri 6860 air suspension driver’s seat with pneumatic lumbar support, height, rake and automatic weight adjustment.
    Front passenger adjustable bucket seat and front centre seat with folding seat back.
    3-point lap sash seatbelts in all outboard seating positions. Driver seatbelt with pretensioner integrated with driver seat. Centre seat lap belts.
    ADR 42 compliant sleeper with mattress.
    Driver airbag.
    Door and roof pillar entry assist grips.
    Full interior trim, padded roof lining and vinyl floor covering. Overhead front storage compartments.
    Tilt/Telescopic adjustable steering column, soft feel urethane steering wheel.
    Electric windows.
    Central locking with remote keyless entry.
    Twin cup holders. 24V cigarette lighter. Dashboard hook.
    Front door mounted storage pockets and driver’s side ashtray.
    Centre console box with storage tray.
    Front passenger glovebox.
    Fully integrated auto control air conditioning and heater/demister with 4-speed fan and outlets for windscreen, side windows, face and floor.
    Fluorescent type interior lamp with On/Door/Off switch.
    2 DIN, two speaker multimedia unit with 6.2” LCD capacitive touch screen. 1.6GHz processor with Android operating system. DAB+ digital radio and fully integrated Bluetooth with voice recognition. Inbuilt PDF, photo and movie viewer. Internet radio accessible via smartphone. 32GB internal file storage. USB and auxilliary input connection provisions. Firmware and map updates possible via smartphone. DIN sized compartment for storage or for CB radio installation.
    Key-operated engine start/stop and steering lock. Engine idle speed control.
    Inter-axle lock and cross lock engage switches.
    Pushbutton gear selection control.
    Left side combination stalk: Windscreen wipers, washers and exhaust brake.
    Right side combination stalk: Turn signals, headlamps and cruise control.
    Electronically driven speedometer and tachometer. Digital odometer with integrated dual tripmeter. Engine coolant temperature, fuel level and air pressure gauges.
    Warning lamps: Check engine, oil pressure, ABS, SRS airbag, alternator charge, service brakes, park brake, seatbelt unfastened, low air pressure, low fuel level, cab lock.
    Indicator lamps: Warm up system, high beam, exhaust brake, turn signals, inter-axle lock, cruise control. Transmission oil level, oil life, filter life, and condition monitor display.
    Multi-information display. Shows service interval, instantaneous and average fuel consumption, hourmeter, voltmeter, time/day/date and includes 40-120 km/h adjustable vehicle speed warning.
    Include the following (extra cost, request a brochure and further details from your Isuzu dealer):
    Multimedia unit:
    Supports up to five camera inputs. One digital camera with infra red and rear microphone input active when reversing. Four analogue cameras.
    Reversing sensors
    Tyre pressure monitoring system
    Wireless inductive phone charger
    Other: Airbag compatible bullbar. Air deflector.
    3 years • 100,000km • 2,000 hours
    Isuzu Assist: 24 hour roadside assistance (3 years, unlimited km)*
    EXTENDED CAR: Extended Warranty 5 years • 250,000km • 4,500 hours
    Isuzu Assist: 24 hour roadside assistance (5 years, unlimited km)
    * Subject to conditions:
    Refer to your authorised Isuzu Dealer for:
    Detailed information.
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability

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